PARC Committees

Committees 2022

PARC is committed to transparency, so that you as a current, potential, or past member can reap the benefits of the membership. Each committee is led by co-chairs who are part of the board of directors. Other PARC members may be part of the committee as determined by need and/or expressed interest. Our various and all-inclusive committees listed below provide a very brief description of their function. Should you have questions or wish to further delve into the specific committee responsibilities, please contact one of the chairs.

Charitable Giving Committee
Tamara Holt and Kim Cermak

To provide opportunities for members to support a charitable cause at each event.

Marketing Communications Committee
Stefanie Schreck and Karen Witte

Responsible for ensuring that the PARC brand is appropriately represented in all communications both visually and verbally. This can be accomplished through the website, social media, email and other various media.

Sponsorship Committee
Kristin Manning and Jay Weisner

Responsible for identifying, enlisting and supporting commercial sponsors for PARC events.

Program Planning Committee
John McGowan, John Fort,
Mike Brandwein, Mike Fitzgerald, Kristin Manning

Responsible for program content at all events, and to work with other committees to promote, coordinate such content. The responsibilities also include choice of venue, budgeting and follow-up.

Membership Committee
Mike Brandwein and Chris Douglas

To ensure that the PARC population is continuously growing through constant outreach to those within our footprint and showing value to not only those that are considering joining PARC but those that are currently a part of PARC as well.

Philadelphia Area Relocation Council
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